NorCal and The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley

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By G. Craig Vachon (Senior Partner – Head of US Operations at NextStage)

“Mr. Gibsen, are you aware of why I pulled you over?”

“I’m not certain. I don’t think I was travelling more than 75 MPH in that 45 MPH stretch?”

“As you are well aware, that’s not an infraction in this glorious State of Northern California. No, that’s not it.”

“Was it because I passed those three cars on this twisty road while there was a double yellow line?”

“Bah. Hell no. One of those cars was a Prius and the other two were rental cars. They were only travelling 10 or 12 MPH over the speed limit. No one will ever fault you for not being able to drive behind that cluster.”

“So then, why did you pull me over?”

“Come on Mr. Gibsen. You know Assembly Bill # 654.”

“No. Come on. It was raining heavily only half a mile ago.”

“The law, created by the best Governor on the planet…”

“I didn’t think your profession liked @Gavin Newsom? Or did you mean Jerry Brown?”

“Who are you talking about? I’ve never even heard of those guys. I’m talking about Governor Schwarzenegger. He created A.B. #654. And you’ve lived here long enough to know that you cannot drive half a mile with the top up on your convertible if it isn’t raining at least 1 inch per hour.”

“Come on. That was a real downpour.”

“It was six tenths of a mile ago. And now it is only sprinkling.”

“Can’t you just let me slide just this once?”

The officer paused. “Alright, but I’ll need three things from you. One, put your top down immediately and stop embarrassing yourself. You’re a Californian, damn it. Two, my son’s name gets added to your next book. And not just a red shirt character. Someone cool. And thirdly, I was wondering if I could get Eva’s phone number from you? She’s way too hot for you, and I have heard she likes men in uniform.”


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