G. Craig Vachon Contributes to Santa Cruz Tech Beat, on the Matter of BBCIs

Bidirectional Brain-Computer Interfaces: What’s to be Afraid of?

G. Craig Vachon, in telepresence form.

I recently got a question from a journalist, who was doing a story on Facebook’s acquisition of CTRL Lab.

Question: FB buys CTRL Labs’ mind-reading technology. What potential does mind-reading tech have for the future? Should consumers be scared?

Answer: Technology is mostly amoral. A kitchen knife can make dinner or do someone harm. In my tech/spy thriller, “The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley,” the antagonist is the potential misuse of technology—specifically, Bidirectional Brain-Computer Interfaces (BBCI).

To continue reading this article, visit Sata Cruz Tech Beat by clicking on the below link.


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