Silicon UK Interviews G. Craig Vachon

Sunset on your rights? G. Craig Vachon weighs in.

The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley author G. Craig Vachon talks about public vs. private data, in David Howell’s Sept. 27, 2019 Silicon UK article, Information Overlord: Google and Your Right to be Forgotten. See Vachon’s input below, as part of the article’s Global Jurisdiction section. To access the entire article, click here.

With Craig Vachon a leading venture capital investor, managing partner of Chowdahead Growth Fund and author of new tech thriller The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley stating: “This is a question of definitions. Academically, I believe that public data should always be made available to the public. Private data must always be in control of the individual. Delineating between the two is an evolving and complex issue that requires thoughtful and ongoing debate. But asking large tech companies to be involved in the determination, will always result in their advocating for their particular path of least effort. These tech companies should never be the arbiters.”


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