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Spies. Tech. Travel.  Karaoke.  Family.  Frenemies.  Enemies.  Love.

“The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley”

The debut novel of G. Craig Vachon


Release Date: Oct. 25, 2019 / From New Galleon

Advance Copy Available Upon Request

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About “The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley”

Occasionally goofy, oft-bumbling venture capital (VC) investor Ralph Gibsen inadvertently uncovers a plot to use his new brain-computer interface educational tool as a weapon of mass persuasion. Begrudgingly, Ralph determines he, and an equally reticent team of enigmatic frenemies, might be the only ones who can thwart the forces behind this global cabal.

In an ever-fluid, youth-oriented, cutthroat business environment where rule-breaking and spectacular failures are equally celebrated, Ralph is an older, chubby, travel-weary player who lacks the requisite practiced polish and manufactured poise.

But looks are not always what they seem. Ralph is a capable hacker and innovator who can, when the occasion calls for it, improvise a checkmate move—and that’s starting to attract attention of some very powerful people. Is he being targeted for ruin, or groomed for greatness? Probably both. Whether he knows it or not, Ralph just might be a spy… and he’s about to discover somebody very, very close to him most certainly is one.

Rave Reviews for “The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley”

“A great, eye-opening read. Vachon weaves a story that is both impossible to believe and impossible to ignore—It is ridiculously funny and frighteningly real. Be prepared to learn, to laugh and yes, to worry about what’s happening behind the cyber world curtain.”—Rick Roth, Global CEO, Ogilvy Action

“It’s all too rare to find a fun, seat-of-your-pants, literary romp like this. I got wonderfully lost with Ralph in the many cultures as he travels around the planet. And kudos for the author in the entertaining explanation of how investors examine entrepreneurial ventures for investment. As an investor myself, a lot of the anecdotes and stories resonated with me… wonderful reading.”—Raz Zia, former MD at Goldman Sachs and MD at Aldrich Capital

“The author’s deep knowledge of places and situations makes you wonder if the book really is fiction as the author claims. ‘Knucklehead’ is a fun, exciting, moving, and thought-provoking ride that literally had me laughing out loud at some points.”—Greg Post, Regional President, Sprint

“A must-read if you are into spy novels, or just interested in how technology can impact our lives.”—Anthony Gioeli, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of “International Business Expansion”

About the Author

G. Craig Vachon is, like his protagonist, an overly lucky, Silicon Valley-based venture capital investor living on the beaches near Santa Cruz, CA. Craig grew up in Massachusetts as the eldest son of immigrants. After a less than stellar high school academic record, he enrolled in a community college in Western Colorado, and immediately joined the debate team, thus acquiring the game-changing skills of critical thinking and articulation, which allowed him to transfer to Emerson College, where he earned two degrees in Rhetoric.

After graduation, at the urging of his mother and his mentor, he started his own company. Two years later, he sold the marketing company and moved to Tokyo to work with the acquirer.

Over the next 30 years, Craig lived and worked as an entrepreneur in Japan (twice), China, Taiwan, India, Europe, and Canada. He’s earned >7.3 million airline miles and typically spends >150 nights per year in a foreign hotel room. His small VC firm (Chowdahead—which is almost-nothing like Clam Pies’ VC firm in the “Knucklehead” novel, by the way) invests in great founders of start-up companies who are trying to make the world a slightly better place.

Craig is already writing the sequel to the first “Knucklehead” novel.

More Rave Reviews for “Knucklehead”

” ‘Knucklehead’ is like being shot out of an Ethernet cable lined with exotic travel and baroque paintings and landing on a sea of electricity.”—Peterson Conway, PayPal Mafia

“A wonderfully exciting and comedic tale of Ralph, a venture capitalist and unlikely spy that leads us through an international tale of intrigue while unlocking the secrets of Silicon Valley. Fascinating and an absolute joy to read!”—Tim Martin, CEO of LifePrint

“If a major amusement park ever wanted to build the ultimate spy-adventure ride with mystery, suspense, white-knuckle twists and turns, comedy, and romance, ‘The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley’ would be the perfect blueprint. I thought I knew what went on in the mythological land of Silicon Valley, but I had no idea how insane it truly is.”—Bill Glasser, Former Supervisor and Producer, Fox Television’s “America’s Most Wanted”

“Smart and captivating, it follows the protagonist who is at times ham-fisted and dim, other times deft and clever, through a fascinating journey of intrigue along the cutting edge of tech. Filled with humor, suspense, whimsy, whit and moments of pure heart, this read is fascinating, educational, and a heck of a lot of fun.”—Jordy Berson, former Head/CEO, BitTorrent

“Fans of Neal Stephenson’s opus, Cryptonomicon, will thrill to Craig Vachon’s new expose of the wild west of our digital era. As Stephenson introduced us to the beginnings of this era, Vachon’s adventure recounts peak Silicon Valley. Vachon’s protagonist, Ralph, glides into and out of a series of fantastic predicaments that might be less fictitious than we think. This adventure is a good one, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.”—Michael Gilligan, president of Seek Common Ground


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