"Ralph, on occasion, you are going to be asked to find a way to save the world," his mother foretold.

Ralph thought the palliative drugs his mother was consuming were a touch over-prescribed. But as long as she was comfortable... It is not like any of these stories of managing espionage networks could possibly be true. Right?


An occasionally-goofy, oft-bumbling VC investor inadvertently uncovers a plot to take-over the world with a weapon of mass persuasion. Begrudgingly, Ralph Gibsen determines he (and an equally-reticent team of frenemies) might be the only ones who can thwart this dastardly, worldwide plan.

In an ever-fluid, youth-oriented, cut-throat business environment, where rule breaking and spectacular failures are equally celebrated, Ralph is an older, chubby, and travel-weary player in a world of practiced polish and manufactured poise.

Is Ralph’s lucky streak a blessing of fortune, or the work of nefarious forces?

The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley novel is set to be published in October 25th, 2019 and will be available at your favorite bookstore and online.

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